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On October 19th, Girls’ Generation released their third Korean studio album, “The Boys.” After winning multiple awards on the live music shows in Korea, SM Entertainment announced that Girls’ Generation would be releasing a Maxi Single in the United Staes.

Earlier this year, Girls’ Generation signed with Interscope Records, under Universal Music Group. As well as being available in stores in the United States, the album will also be released on various music sites in Korea. Girls’ Generation sold over 200,000 copies of “The Boys” already this year, so SM Entertainment in anticipating another “Girls’ Generation Fever” to go worldwide.

For their Maxi Single released on December 20th, Girls’ Generation collaborated with Snoop Dogg. He is featured in a remix version of “The Boys” where he adds his powerful rapping to the already popular track. Additionally, Lil Playy, Snoop Dogg and Interscope Records’ new rapper is also featured on a track in the Maxi Single.

After this release, another special album including “The Boys” will be released worldwide by Universal Music Group on January 17, 2012. The special album includes songs from Girls’ Generation’s third album including the Korean versions of their songs. Since the Korean tracks are hard to get for foreign fans, SM Entertainment is expecting a huge response from fans worldwide.

Girls’ Generation’s US Maxi Single was released today! Check out the album below, but be sure to support Girls’ Generation with their US debut by purchasing their Maxi Single “The Boys” at your local music retainer or from a Korean music site like Soribada or Melon. You can purchase the album on iTunes here!

1. “The Boys”

2. “The Boys” featuring Snoop Dogg [Clinton Sparks and Disco Fries remix]

3. “The Boys” featuring Lil Playy [Clinton Sparks and Disco Fries remix]

4. “The Boys *Bring Dem Boys*” featuring Suzi

5. “The Boys *Bring the Boys Out*” (David Anthony remix)

6. “The Boys *Bring the Boys*” (Teddy Riley remix)

7. “The Boys” instrumental

8. “The Boys” (A Capella)

Source: SMTOWN Facebook,GirlsGenerationVEVO, jonasbp2010, and failkru

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