”Everything will be good as long as you do your best. Because if you do, there will be no regrets.”
At the end of the day it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks as long as you're happy.

I love Tumblr a lot, but it distracts me from my responsibilities at home and at work. It teases me with an alternate reality.

It’s a fucking mirage.

The people I want to befriend are so busy with their cliques and their thousand followers that they don’t even acknowledge me, and the ones that do engage in conversation with me are nearly half my age.

This is me, attempting to attract others with an artificial version of myself.

I knew it would never fucking work.

Most of my friends have left or are inactive. I’ve been such a shitty blogger lately anyway. I’m an absentee member of all the groups and blog hops I’ve joined. I rarely comment on other people’s blogs because often nobody pays attention.

And let’s be honest. I’m just regurgitating the same old brain vomit anyway.

I have 4k+ followers nobody even bothered to greet me. Even after I have posted a message and all.

Thank you those few people that talked to me you know who you are. To my baby, I’m thankful that tumblr brought us together, you know how much I love you. 

To everyone else, thank you for reading this. I have officially wasted your time. I love you all.

Lastly to Girls’ Generation specially Tiffany Hwang thank you for changing my life.

 Until we meet again

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favorite mv moments ✚ tiffany

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Thank You

I would just like to say thank you to all who sent me heartfelt a birthday wishes. I am truly blessed with an exceptional group of family and friends. This year was a truly challenging one for me but to know I had the love, compassion and support of all my incredible family and friends made all the difference. Thank you all and God bless you all!

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I think one of the most beautiful things about me being your fan is that no matter how ridiculously different we are from each other, I’ve never ever had one single little doubt that it couldn’t be nobody but you